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    Block Outgoing Calls on Sky Telephone Lines

    Blocking outgoing calls on Sky telephone lines appears to be a major user requirement and concern.

    Whilst recently attending a customer’s property to install additional phone lines, we were asked the very same question; do you know of a way to block outgoing calls on Sky?

    Our response at this point in time was “not specifically but we will do some research and get back to you soon”

    We carried out some research using Google and keywords such as “Blocking outgoing calls on Sky” and “Barring Outgoing calls to specific mobile numbers on Sky” and this search lead us to the Sky Technical Forums.

    Whilst reading through the Sky forums it becomes very clear that “blocking outgoing calls on Sky” was a major requirement of many users who had posted requests for help and advice.

    Source: http://helpforum.sky.com/t5/Sky-Talk-Technical/Barring-Outgoing-calls-to-specific-mobile-numbers/td-p/24165/page/3

    The main response from the Sky Knowledge Advisor was as follows; “I would like to confirm that Sky does not have the facility of barring calls to mobiles, the only mobiles that can be barred are international mobiles and these can only be barred at the same time as premium rate numbers and other international numbers” posted on 13-11-2011 07:04 PM.

    Blocking outgoing calls on Sky would be a great feature for Sky to install on their customers telephone lines, as it would empower the customer to control the call spending on their phone line. However it does appear according to the Sky forums that they are currently unable to provide this feature.

    Feeling a little disheartened to what we had learnt from Sky we decided to look into other alternative technologies to resolve the problem for our customer.

    After considerable research into the capabilities and features of telephone handsets, we came across the Panasonic brand. Some Panasonic telephone handsets offer a feature called “Call Restriction”

    The Call Restriction feature on a Panasonic handset allows the user to block outgoing calls to all of the numbers which are entered into the call restricted list. The feature allows the user to restrict or block outgoing calls to complete numbers or dial codes or a short prefix i.e. entering 07 would block calls to all mobile phone numbers that start with 07.

    Armed with the above information and having confidence in the Panasonic brand, we decided to purchase a Panasonic KX-TG 8061 Cordless Phone (approx £40.00) and test the Outgoing Call Blocking feature ourselves. Click to download phone handset specification.

    Setting call restriction on the Panasonic KX-TG 8061

    You can restrict selected handsets from dialling certain numbers. You can assign up to 6 phone numbers to be restricted, and select which handsets are to be restricted. Storing area codes here prevents the restricted handsets from dialling any phone number in that area code.

    Click to Download the Handset User Manual and view page 30

    After configuring the Call Restriction feature on the handset to Block Outgoing Calls, we proceeded to test the feature. For reference we tested the Call Blocking feature by just entering the numbers 07 into the Restricted Calls menu.

    We tested the outgoing call blocking feature on the Panasonic KX-TG 8061 handset on standard BT, Virgin Media and Sky telephone lines and are happy to report that the Call Restriction feature built into the handset blocked all outgoing calls to mobiles.

    Confident the we had found a solution to our customer’s problem, we then proceeded to install the Panasonic KX-TG 8061 DECT handset onto the Sky telephone line.

    The customer tested the new handset and confirmed that we had successfully managed to block all calls to mobile numbers.

    Blocking Outgoing Calls on Sky Telephone Lines is possible by utilising alternative technology, which has been designed and developed to empower the customer with a rich feature set, which goes some of the way to controlling costly outgoing telephone calls.

    If you have found our information on blocking outgoing telephone calls useful, please link to this page, or like us on Facebook or Twitter using the social media buttons below.